12 June 2013

Our Chat with Letter Bird Lane

It's only a piece of paper but it can set the tone for the most memorable day of your life. Letter Bird Lane's invitations caught our eye months ago and we've been following her work ever since. We chatted to creative mastermind about the inspiration behind her work.

1. Letter Bird Lane creates beautiful stationery for all kinds of occasions. Where or who  do you get your inspiration from?

I am inspired by so many things! Colours, typography, nature and various amazing party themes. When I am designing wedding stationery I tend to imagine the "pretend" couple getting married and what their wedding will be like in terms of theme & style. And then I just hope that the collection appeals to others with similar taste! Pinterest and my favourite bridal blogs are definitely a great source for ideas.

2. What's been your favourite thing to design?

I love weddings so naturally I love designing wedding collections, but I also love babies and designing birth announcements! 
I just designed my son's 3rd party invites which was great fun as the theme was 'Where The Wild Things Are' and he
thought they were pretty special.

3. As a card designer, you must come across some interesting invites. What has been your most memorable one to date?

Probably my Banner Bliss collection stands out to me the most as it's bold yet simple and it works in so many different colours.
It seems to be a very popular one and has been since I added it to the collection. 

4. If you could sum up your design philosophy in a party, what type of party would it be?

A modern, fun & quirky one!

5. What are some party/invite trends you've come across?

I'd have to say that it's undeniable that the 'hand painted florals'  is huge at the moment with invitations! Lots of natural elements are popular in styling at the moment too which is always nice. 

Want to chat to Eliza about your upcoming event? Visit www.letterbirdlane.com.au

Love this one!

Sample wedding invitations
Simple Wedding Invitation Speaks Volumes

Letter Bird Lane 

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02 June 2013

How to Make Paper Cranes - A How-To Tutorial

One wish is granted for every thousand made. In Japan, it is believed that those with the devotion and patience to fold 1000 paper cranes shall have one wish. Named Senbazuru, the tradition of paper crane making still remains a cherished part of Japanese culture. Visit the Nagasaki Memorial Museum or the Hiroshima Memorial Museum and you will find thousands of bright paper cranes strung together, each one delicately overlapping the next. In my first visit to the Nagasaki Memorial Museum, I was enraptured by the volumes of paper cranes visitors created. It moved me to think of the people who devoted their time to create and offer them as a symbol of remembrance. When asked where they came from, I was told they were created by students who were visiting the museums on a school excursion. The cranes I was told, were a symbol of their well wishes and respect. 

Create your own Senzaburu with this step by step guide. 

What you will need:

Pieces of squared paper. You can opt to purchase special orgami paper but in this tutorial, I have used square post-it notes. 

  1. Fold a square piece of paper in half to create a triangle.
  2. Fold the paper in half again to create a smaller triangle.
  3. Pull the right corner to the left and flatten. 
  4. Repeat the steps on the other side.
  5. You should have a square now. 
  6. Fold the right corner to the centre.
  7. Fold the left corner to the centre.
  8. Fold the top corner down. 
  9. Open the top and side folds. 
  10. Lift bottom corner up and flatten. 
  11. Flip open and repeat on the other side. 
  12. You should have a diamond shape. 
  13. Fold the right corner to the centre.
  14. Fold the left corner to the centre. 
  15. Pull bottom tales up to create wings.
  16. Pull the two ‘wings’ down. 
  17. WIth a needle and thread, pull the needle and thread through the centre of the paper crane. 
  18. Repeat until you have created a string of 1000 paper cranes.

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29 May 2013

Girls Night In Party Ideas

A good friend of mine recently organised a girls night in. She did such a fantastic job with the planning that I couldn't resist capturing a few shots to share with you. The day kicked off with afternoon tea in her gorgeous country style home.

Girls Night In Cook Off Bar
Milk and water jugs were used as vases. The gorgeous variety were purchased from the flower markets. Guests were asked to bring one dish each for the cook off.

How cute is this sign? They are cardboard letters that she painted and decorated. You can find them at craft stores.

Beauty Basket for Girls Night In
Each of us were asked to bring makeup or skincare products we didn't know how to use. All my questions were answered! 

Pink Cupcakes
 Cupcake wrappers from Pretty Pickles!

Toffee Glazed Creme Puffs
These were delicious. I couldn't get enough!

Just because type of gifts! How sweet. 

Jess's Girls Night In Ideas:

Lucky Dip: This is just a great way to spoil your guests with a variety of gifts they can choose from.

Cook off: Each guest brings a signature dish. Winners are determined by the host.

Beauty Basket: Guests bring a beauty item they do know how to use.

Clothing Swap: Have clothes you no longer love? Your trash is another's treasure. Swap unwanted items with your friends and donate the rest to charity.

Cocktail Mix: Set up a bar and have each of your friends concoct their own cocktails. Guests will be challenged to guess the three ingredients used.

DVDs: No girls night in is complete with a rom com! Ensure you have a decent collection available.

Do you have any ideas to add to the list? Leave us a comment. 

Big thanks to Jess and Kay Knight for such a fun night! xx
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25 May 2013

In the Press! Rustic Themed Inspiration Board by White Magazine

We absolutely love White Magazine and so you can imagine our excitement when we were asked to contribute to their 'Wanderlust' themed wedding. This is a great inspiration board for a low key yet gorgeous wedding. I love the use of natural lighting in the photography and the creamy colour palette. 

The metallic wooden spoons are available at the shop for $10 a pack!

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19 May 2013

Recipes for Small Kitchens by Food Blogger Angelina A

Those of you with teeny tiny kitchens will relate to food blogger Angelina Anderson. She's a food blogger/model based in Hong Kong that shares easy to follow, mouth salivating recipes - all created from her shoebox sized kitchen (1.9m wide and 1.8m long).  If you've paid a visit to a Hong Kong  apartment, you'll know it's no easy feat. It's why we are so impressed with the variety of recipes Angelina has come up considering the limited space she has. Between modelling for billboards and magazine covers, she blogs at www.foodtasticangelina.com.

Some of my favourite recipes from her blog:

Mango Pomelo Sago with Agar Jelly
Peking Duck Pancakes

Chocolate Macarons

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23 April 2013

New DIY Party Planning Kits - You can win one!

"I love the products at the shop but I wouldn't know what to do with them". This is the feedback we've been getting lately and we've listened! We're thrilled to announce the arrival of our DIY party planning kits. Available in different colours, the kits are hand-picked by our stylists to help you create themed parties to celebrate your special occasions. 

Tell us, which is your favourite? Read on to find out how you can win a party kit. 

Pink Themed Birthday Party Kit $40
Close up: Pink Party Supplies 
yellow and green paper straws and party supplies
Lemon and Lime Party Kit, $40 (My favourite colour combo)
A fresh burst of citrus
Baby Blue Birthday Party Kit, $40 
Happy Birthday Wooden Forks and Spoons

Black and white party supplies
Classic Black Zebra Birthday Party Kit, $45
Black and white party supplies
Close up: Classic Black Zebra Birthday Party Kit, $45

Sidenote: These images were shot at our humble offices with a Canon EOS 600D. We shot these party kits in natural light, it's the easiest light to shoot in if you are a beginner. The background is astroturf we bought at our local hardware for $39/roll. 

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18 April 2013

Friday Favourites: Bon Voyage! Things for a Farewell Party

I'm not travelling anytime soon but I've always wanted to throw a proper farewell party. Red, blue and white would be my colour theme of choice. Here is a collection of my favourite travel related finds. Do you have any to share? Let us know!

Clockwise from the top left:

1. Stationary by Little Bird Lane, email our design crush for pricing =) | 2. City Wooden forks by Pretty Pickles, $10 per pack | 3. Mixed media journal, $24 | 4. Paper luggage tags, $3.13 | 5. Mini paper suitcase printables for goody bags , $5.95 | 6. Duo coloured pencil, $3.50
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